How Guys Can Increase Their Chances Of Success

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Most guys are scared to approach the ladies, let alone seduce them. If you’re a male who’s always nervous in the presence of women; someone who can’t even look girls straight in the eyes; or a man who doesn’t know how to initiate a conversation with a girl whether she’s hot or not, witty or not, and so on, you’ll definitely regard these seduction tips for men as ‘life changing’:

Don’t think too much before you approach a woman.

If you’re the sort of guy that gets nervous when you spot a woman who you find attractive, the worst thing you can do is think about it too much and become paralyzed with fear. Remember the 3 second rule, which is to approach a woman within 3 seconds of establishing eye contact. If you don’t do this, your job will be much harder in creating attraction and interest and you may have even blown your chance for good. Feel the fear and do it anyway is good advice.

Refrain from using foul words, not only in front of the lady you like, but also in front of her friends and her family.

A lot of women who hear men curse, swear, or use foul language tend to be turned off. Guys who wish to impress women and lead them faster ‘to bed’, therefore, should not curse or utter foul expressions. Instead, the men should always be polite, show that they have nice manners, and that they know how to conduct themselves properly.

Though there are some women who love the bad boy types or the rebellious males, most women prefer a gentleman with backbone, in other words, the well-mannered males that know how to conduct themselves. It is not questionable, therefore, why part of the list of seduction tips for men is to refrain from making use of foul language in the presence of the girls, even within hearing distance of the girls’ relatives and friends.

Give women the impression that you are well versed in interacting with beautiful women.

Guys should also project that they’re used to being around a lot of girls, specifically the hot or gorgeous ones. This means that you should always have a high level of confidence and never let the females notice that you’re nervous or uneasy when with them. If a woman feels that you are used to women’s attention, or that you’re frequently in the presence of women with no difficulties at all, she’ll tend to pay you more attention and believe that you are a confident male. Girls require their men to be confident, thus, this is one of the seduction tips for men that you should never ever disregard.

Wear something nice and make an effort to improve your appearance.

A man need not be drop dead gorgeous or extremely wealthy to be noticed by the ladies. Guys who make an effort to smell good, wear clothes that compliment their features, body build and so on, are usually the ones who get the women more effortlessly. You should not wear clothing that’s imperfect e.g. stained, has some holes, mismatched, and all that, as a girl is bound to notice those flaws immediately and will not have a fine impression of you. Women spend a lot of time beautifying themselves before a night out or a date, thus, you should do the same to spark interest.

By trying these seduction tips for men, you’ll succeed to blow her mind the first time where many other guys so often fail.


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